Monday, February 18, 2008

THE ZACKS TOP 10 stocks of 2008 revealed

THE ZACKS TOP 10 stocks of 2008 were listed by gainerstoday members contributors. Is the list real? It is not doing bad at all in this year 2008, where most of the portfolios are negative.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Motley Fool Stocks 2008: The Investor's Guide to the Year Ahead

Since 2002, forward-thinking investors have relied on one definitive resource to help them find fortune-building stocks like the ones you’re about to discover.

Now, you can be among the first to get the latest edition in this series (possibly for free). Before I tell you how to claim your copy, have a look at a few examples of the life-changing profits these investors have earned over the past five years — in “good” and “bad” markets alike:

* 823% profits on ValueClick — recommended in Industry Focus 2002
* 573% profits on Quality Systems — recommended in Stocks 2003
* 455% profits on BioMarin — recommended in Stocks 2005
* 437% profits on Activision — recommended in Stocks 2003
* 358% profits on Garmin — recommended in Stocks 2004

Granted, not every recommendation from the Stocks series has performed as well as these have. But had you invested just $1,000 into each of these five stocks, you’d be sitting on over $31,000. As you can see, it only takes one or two big winners to change the course of your financial destiny forever.

See complete list:

Monday, January 14, 2008

The street 10 Gold Stocks for 2008

Gold fever? Last weekend in CNBC, an analyst recommended to have at least 10% of gold in your portfolio. This gold stocks selection was featured in GainersToday will keep track of this picks during the whole year.

AU Anglogold Ashanti Ltd.
ABX Barrick Gold Corporation
GG Goldcorp Incorporated
SLV Ishares Silver Trust
NEM Newmont Mining Corporation
NAK Northern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd.
NG Novagold Resources Inc New
GOLD Randgold Resources
SA Seabridge Gold, Inc.

Iamgold (symbol IMG on the Toronto exchange)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome to Gainers Today Blog

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting this blog. Gainers Today Blog was created in order to research and evaluate the best stock market picks for 2008.
If you are a trader or an investor, you hear about stock recommendations every day from the TV, radio, financial institutions, magazines, internet, blogs, forums, etc.
Then, you have to follow this recommendation by buying or selling the stock and you'll gain money , if the recommendation turn out to be a good call. However, if the recommendation is bad, you loose money.
In this blog, we'll evaluate the recommendations and identify the best advisors and the best stock recommendations using as a source of information.
OK, no more introductions and let's see the recommendations given for this year 2008.

Fortune 2008 Foreign Stocks

Barrons 12 Stocks for 2008

Forbes: Seven Commodity Plays For 2008

Kiplinger 2008

Forbes Recession Beaters For 2008

Cramer Agricultural Picks for 2008

Cramer's Picks for 2008

Minyanville 2008

We'll be comment about these and new recommendations in the next posts.